Jannik is a true social connecter, entrepreneur, fashionist, writer and new work expert.

He is Founder of STEHAUFMAENNCHEN.eu and facilitates last years expereriences, while travelling and supporting events related to the Co-Working scene, office of the future trends and IOT.

Concepts like the STANDWERK (1 of 100 Co-Working Spaces in 2017), where standing at work was set up in a small open office space, expresses his perspective of more flexibility, mobility and health and in the fast changing office world.

Jannik Schäfer introduced and informerd hundreds of people, setting up experience sharing platforms, speaking at innovation days or simply by coaching people and organizations.

Analysing and shaping the future work environment – with its various facades – goes along in the continuous process of development.


Jannik Schäfer Gründer STEHAUFMAENNCHEN.eu


STEHAUFMAENNCHEN is the symbol of a dynamic work culture that counts on flexibility and mobility in everyday working life and on increased productivity through ergonomic work.


in times of a static working world, we stand for change, for breaking courage with the usual.

the demand for ergonomic work is omnipresent in today’s professional life. our task is to facilitate and change the course of everyday work. a healthy mix of flexible sitting, upright working and short walkways demonstrably creates higher productivity.

it’s time to stand up.